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Your digital solution for future recruitment challenges

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition: Where Soft Skills Lead the Way in our Advanced Recruitment Ecosystem.

Focus on Soft Skills Find out who really fits Our simple solution

  • 1. Create an Account Create a personal account, an individual company profile, and invite peers within the company
  • 2. Soft Skills Diagnostics Invite candidates (automated) to participate.
  • 3. Define Job Profiles Define details for open positions such as requirements for soft and hard skills.
  • 4. Evaluate Identify the most suitable and developable talents even before the interview.
  • 5. Talent Management Directly hire the selected talents and add them to your team. Simply leave unselected talents in the talent pool to reconsider hiring at a later date.
  • 6. Talent Acquisition Search in the internal or external talent pool for suitable and developable talents using our matching system.
  • 7. Management Tasks Use our tools for your recruiting processes, such as document uploads, managing interviews, digital work contracts, evaluation of KPIs, etc.

The Future of Recruiting

Imagine having a cloud-based recruitment hub that identifies soft skills quickly, easily, precisely, and holistically with a scientifically based personnel diagnostic tool.

We have developed it for you to significantly simplify your recruiting processes. Complete all recruiting formalities digitally in one place. Keep full track of your open positions and the status of candidates at all times with our dashboard.

Learn more about your recruitment successes with our evaluation options, KPIs, and thereby improve your recruitment processes.


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Try Soft-Skill Diagnostics

Our personnel diagnostics tool combines self-assessments and external assessments. The external assessments are carried out by reference persons from the professional environment and are determined by the talent themselves. The advantage of this method is obvious: The comparison of assessments from different perspectives provides a realistic picture.

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«Our Talent Pool»

You have hard skills, which you can prove with your diplomas and work certificates. But these qualifications are only half the truth. Because what is crucial for your satisfaction and success in the job are not hard skills, but soft skills. However, recognizing and naming one's own soft skills objectively and holistically is extremely difficult. That's why we have developed our personnel diagnostics tool for you. You get clarity about your soft skills quickly, easily, and reliably. Allow us to mediate for you by joining our talent pool.

Join our talent pool and get discovered.

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Put soft skills at the center of your recruitments with our digital personnel services. Our platform enables you to systematically record, publish, and specifically recruit talents that meet your specific requirements. Use our exclusive talent pool to discover pre-analyzed talents with matching soft skills. Optimize your recruitment processes and secure the talents that will lead your company to success.

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